OK, I meant 4 demos.

by The Invincible Vacuum Cleaner Co.

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Three, I mean four songs, lovingly but hastily put together in my basement


released May 30, 2016

All sounds made at various times by Gren Coffee



all rights reserved


The Invincible Vacuum Cleaner Co. Alameda, California

IVCC is the project of compositional cabinet maker, amateur tailor and kale farmer Gren Coffee, formerly of the late, great Pelicanopolis. Previously Gren has been in several bands and sung in the SF Symphony Chorus, as well as composing and performing in the serious and slightly crazy world of contemporary music. ... more

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Track Name: The Ivy by the Freeway
She comes into my view
And leaves it just as quickly
I have to get to where I want to be
Why do I think I get
To tell her life story
And think how deep and kind that makes me?

Who’s voices does she hear
In the noises of the city?
Why does she tilt her head attentively?
And who put her here to stand
With a sign by the entry?
A sign that says:
“Please feel free to ignore me.”

What will she find in the ivy by the freeway?

Why do I shake my head
And sigh compassionately?
I focus on the road ahead of me?
Who do I think I am
when all I have is money?
I’m not looking half as thoroughly as she.

What will she find in the ivy by the freeway?
Track Name: U.G. Krishnamurti on his Deathbed
Sitting up in a hospital bed
With two damp pillows stuffed under his head
He's got life support that goes beep beep beep,
Counting down his last few heartbeats
He says: “We are all each of us alone
Let me rot on the plain! Let the dogs chew my bones.
Just throw the whole damn thing away
It's all bullshit anyway!”

There was a man with the same last name
Who inspired the masses and gained lasting fame
As a noted teacher of Theosophy
Who famously fell out with Madame Blavatsky
So this verse is just to clarify that
Jiddu Krishnamurti is not the same guy as this guy
Who's life is hanging by a thread
In a hospital bed, like I said...

He speaks to those assembled in the room
Through the beeps and the hiss of the oxygen tube
He says: “It's like I told you again and again
It's a staggering waste, it's a spiraling drain.
The Universe is inherently cruel
And if you want to transcend it you're deluded and foolish
There is no meaning, there is no soul
No God, no heaven no no no no no no.”

He says: “We are each of us alone.
Let me rot like a slug! Let the dogs chew my bones
Just throw the whole damn thing away
It's all bullshit anyway!”

He's got a brain the size of Saturn's rings
Which he's used all his life to attack everything.
And when you really put your mind to it
It's not hard to determine that everything's stupid.
It was his job and he did it well
He discoursed through the night 'till his eyelids fell
And as the day began to dawn outside
He said “bullshit” 20 more times, and then he died.
Track Name: A Model of the Parthenon
I’m in a paper cup
Drifting in a disconnected sea
And in my dreams I see you standing on mountain
Smiling at me
If I could throw these shackles down
Then I would invite you ‘round
There’s a light in here
But I don’t know how to turn it on

I’m cooking up a dinner of disappointment and confusion
Sitting across from me I can’t decide if you’re an illusion
Do I want to get next to you?
You bet your coffee cream I do
But I don’t know how to kick it along

Let’s make a model of the Parthenon
Out of marshmallows.

This is not a night of bliss
This is another train we’re going to miss
I wish that you could come along

Let’s make a model of the Parthenon.
I’ll tear it down when you are gone.
Track Name: A Spell to Remove Warts
Oh little cookie crumb
Don't put yourself right there
On the back of my thumb
Pick up all the stuff you brought
And go visit your brother
Who lives in a vacant lot
Take a ride in a run-down ice cream truck
Like this...

You and all that you entail
Don't set up shop right there
Right next to my fingernail
I hear there's this guy in Japan
Who will help you if he can
And maybe he can...
Let's face it, you don't have a better plan...

Ever Smaller
Be gone! Like a wedding dress in pawn
Dry Up! Like and unwatered lawn!
Decrease! May your share price fall!
'Till you are nothing at all

You just wanted to sit down
But you've been preceded by your terrible renown
Helicopters circling round
There's no place to hide in this town

Nothing left to do
But shrink down!
Ever Smaller...